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Winifred Rose Armstrong: IT Happened by Lillie Sloan shares the story of a kindergartner who thinks life is just wonderful. She has friends. She has fun at school. She has her parent’s attention. She’s an “I’m in charge” kind of kid. That is until her parents share with her that a baby is expected. Winifred decides she doesn’t want anything to do with IT. Life changes. Her mommy gets tired and doesn’t do the things with Winifred like she used to and her daddy is busy getting a room ready for IT. Finally, IT arrives and Winifred goes to the hospital to meet her little sister. What does Winifred do when she sees IT for the first time? Why like IT, of course. Wait until you find out why.

What a cute story Winifred Rose Armstrong: IT Happened shares. Lillie Sloan has crafted a story that is a great adult read-aloud to youngsters who are expecting a new sibling. Theart work is adorable. The storyline is humorous and the topic is a popular one, especially for children who are not certain about adding that new family member. Ms. Sloan has done an excellent job connected to young children’s interest by beginning with what’s important at age five—ME! She then moves the story forward by connecting to what happened to Winifred's friends who had a baby added to the family. The format is large print so a good interaction with the reading would be to have children read words they have learned. I recommend Winifred’s story to any family expecting to add to the family. 


B. Walker-age 7

I loved your book. I liked the part when Freddie didn’t want to be a big sister.

 Sweet and funny story to help with changes in a little ones life! January 17, 2019
I love this book!! This little girl is telling it like it is in her world. Funny, sweet with a little bit of sass!! Precious just like my 5-year-old granddaughter💗